A.M. Music News: Roger Waters Vs. Elliott Smith's Wall, The Temptations + Auto Tune, and Britney Spears Does Lady Gaga

This wall's taken a beating, but Figure 8 is still my favorite Elliott Smith record.
-- LA Weekly: Pink Floyd's Roger Waters has apologized for defacing the Elliott Smith memorial mural on Sunset Boulevard with propoganda for his upcoming tour performance of The Wall.

-- Pitchfork: Minus the Bear's Omni -- reviewed here by Reverb's Nick Feldman -- gets raked over the coals: "This is the sort of rare and spectacular clusterfuck that makes our music-consuming lives more interesting."

-- Ear Candy Beat: The Dead Weather's rumored Capitol Hill Block Party set looks more and more like a sure thing.

-- Spinner: The Temptations enlisted the aid of Auto Tune on their new album, Still Here. Says founding member Otis Williams: "The kids nowadays, they like what we do but its good to try and give them a taste of what the sound is like today."

-- Rolling Stone: Yes, that really was a recording of Britney Spears covering Lady Gaga's "Telephone."

-- KEXP is giving away a trip to see The National in NYC.

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