Video for "Compliments" Offers First Look + Listen at Band of Horses' Infinite Arms


Band of Horses may have three record labels now, but they're still keeping their newest music close to the chest. The band has posted a video for "Compliments" directly to their website; it's also available for download. It's the first video from Intimate Arms, Band of Horses' May 18 release.

The video really drives home the band's new concept: namely, they're inspired by the many scenic locales of the United States. (Can anyone find the Pacific Northwest or even Seattle in there? I'm thinking no.) It's essentially just a montage of morphing landscapes, without a single human or musician in sight. (Pitchfork compared it to Michael Jackson's "Black or White" video, but I think that's a stretch.)

Video aside, the song is more rock and country than the guitar solo-heavy Everything All the Time. It's a barn-burner, and personally, I'd take this sound over "Funeral" any day.

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