Sleep Country Amphitheater: Officially the Worst Name Of Any Venue On Earth

Hello, Sleep Country! Jack Johnson plays the Sleep County Amphitheater on October 3.
Sleep Country USA! Why See a Concert Anywhere Else!?!? Somehow I missed this news at the end of last month.

Most Washingtonians are blissfully unaware of what used to be known as the Amphitheater at Clark County, a Live Nation venue a la White River in the southern portion of our state that markets to the Portland crowds. It recently got a name change: Sleep Country Amphitheater. Oh, the horror.

I'm just as pro-corporate sponsorship as the next guy, but Sleep Country? PLEASE!?! Is that really the best you can do? Sleep Country Amp. makes Qwest Field sound regal. It makes Safeco Field sound gritty. It makes me want to go see more concerts at the Tacoma Dome.

Could it get worse? Ernest Jasmin over at TNT's Tacoma Rock City blog asks: Could the Gorge (another Live Nation property) be next?

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