Retribution Gospel Choir's 2: Hope You Liked Hoobastank

RGC will play the Crocodile on April 7.
Artist: Retribution Gospel Choir

Album: 2

Label: Sub Pop

Release date: January 26

Rating (Skip, Stream, or Buy): Skip

Download Watch:"The Reason"

Remember Hoobastank? They were early-2000s mainstream rock at its finest - lots of soaring power chords with lots of unnecessary oomph, vocals just dripping with pathos and urgency? That sort of heavy alt-rock by way of Nickelback went out of style a few years ago. But hangers on, we have good news: Retribution Gospel Choir's sophomore record, 2 is Hoobastank's best record yet. It's full of huge and obvious builds to monotonous choruses and rhythms, too-frequent and too-noisy cymbal crashes - it's even got such emphatic lyrics as, "We sing of salvation/ We sing what we must/ Cuz one man's treasure/ Is another man's lust." As for you doubters, dissenters, and indie snobs - yes, two members of Low are also in this band. And no, RGC's 2 has none of the subtlety and nuance that makes Low such a refreshing band.

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