Rainy Day Music (As a Free MP3!): Miike Snow's "Billie Holiday"

miike snow.jpg
Nobody knows pop music like the Swedes.
I was really looking forward to seeing Miike Snow at the Showbox this month and was majorly bummed when the show got cancelled. Their eponymous debut was one of my most-listened-to records last year, and I can only imagine what kind of trippy, grooving shows these guys put on live. Two things have since cheered me though - the Swedish pop maestros will instead be part of the Sasquatch! lineup, playing Monday the 29th. And I recently discovered a Miike Snow song I hadn't heard yet - "Billie Holiday," which was released as a bonus track on the European version of the album only. It's a beautiful, mid-tempo song with an easy, shuffling, synth beat, and incidentally sounded awesome on a melancholy, rainy drive to work this morning.

Download "Billie Holiday" for free, courtesy of rcrdlbl.com:

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