New Jurado Song + News About Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground Tour

Damien Jurado's latest weekly MySpace song is a morose, haunting number--a much better match to his dark and spooky recent promotional video for May's Saint Barlett than the album's current single, "Arkansas." With single-key piano notes and a slowly repeating melody, "Life Away from the Garden" conveys just what its title suggests: solitude, retreating light, and separation from beauty. It's possible the eeriest song Jurado has posted during the last two months of his weekly recordings.

And it's hard to picture how "Life Away from the Garden" would translate into a live performance on Jurado's upcoming tour with the noisy, psychedelic, other-worldly craziness that is Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground. Sound on the Sound is reporting that Kay Kay's epic collective will not only serve as Jurado's tourmate this spring and summer; the musicians will actually perform as the solo artist's backing band. If you want to see this experiment in contradictions unfold--Jurado's quiet with Kay Kay's noise--both bands plays the Triple Door on May 29.

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