James Hall, The Gutter Twins, and Others I'll Own Up to From My iTunes Library

James Hall, performing with Pleasure Club. Duff McKagan's column runs every Thursday on Reverb. He writes about what music is circulating through his space every Monday.
Sometimes, I just don't have a clear and concise vision of what my Monday music piece should be focused on. So, this week, I am just going to let my little "shuffle all" engine thingy do it for me. Ladies and gents...may I present three songs chosen at random from my iTunes library. I must back all the music on my iTunes because, well, I bought it all!

James Hall, "Back Stabbing": Yeah, man! Fucking COOL! I can't believe that I haven't written about James Hall or Pleasure Club yet! This dude was my choice for the Velvet Revolver singing slot way back when.

The Gutter Twins, "Stations": I know I have pimped this song before somewhere, probably in this very piece. Oh well. I've got to go with my shuffle roulette here.

The Bird and the Bee, "What Happened To It?": Well, either I was all drunk on pop-music overload in the UK at some point or, more likely, my daughter Grace has found the password to my Mac!

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