I've Been Listening To Animal Collective, Fela and Charlotte Gainsbourg

Animal Collective "Graze" from Fall Be Kind. I bought this EP from the interesting group. The tune starts as dreamy with the treated vocals that I know the Collective for. But it changes gears in a big way with these wild flutes. Listening reminded me that we're nearing the second decade of the 21st Century. It's music for our age.

Fela Kuti and his Africa '70. "My Lady Frustration" This is a nice addition to my 10" EP collection. It's Fela and his troupe at their finest. There are four songs on this release so it's not the usual epic 15 minute Afro-Beat jam. But it's all there in "My Lady Frustration" - big sound, sweet brass with Fela at the helm. Check out my previous article on Fela Ransome Kuti the Original Frist Black President.

Charlotte Gainsbourg "Heaven Can Wait" Alternate Version. This is a 7" single of another take of "Heaven Can Wait" from the Gainsbourg release IRM. It's kind of loose, which makes it fun. The tune is written and produced by Beck and he's prominently in the mix.

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