Happy Fifth Birthday, High Dive! Eric Poll and Jason Dodson Share Their Favorite Memories

Fremont's the High Dive is celebrating its 5th anniversary tonight with Satchel, Massy Ferguson, and DJ Taco Supreme. Click here or pick up this week's issue to read more about the club's half-decade history, and in the meantime, here's some extra anecdotes from a couple folks who go way back with the High Dive:

jason dodson cropped.jpg
The High Dive has great bartenders.There's a guy that works there named Darren. We were both obsessed with that show Deadwood. Every time we'd play there we had to compare facial hair. I'd come in with a big mustache, and I'd look over and Darren would have a giant mustache. And I'd be like, son of a bitch... --Jason Dodson on The Maldives' early days playing the High Dive.

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We had Mickey Avalon probably 4 years ago, before he was quite as big as he is now. He comes out of our little green room, he comes rolling on stage with a joint in one hand and a bottle of Stoli in the other. His face looks like Scarface. He's got blow from eyeballs to chin. As the night closes out, we're kicking people out of the place. He literally walks up to the door guy at our front entrance with a girl on each arm, and he asked where the door was, how to get out. It's two feet from where he's standing. --High Dive owner Eric Poll on one of the club's more memorable nights.

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