First Cave Singers, Now Grizzly Bear: WS Lotto LOVES Them Some Indie Rockers

A year(ish) or so after Seattle's own Cave Singers lent a few bars of "Seeds of Night" to Washington State Lotto for a surprisingly killer commercial involving an aging man, a dog, and a Frisbee, WS Lotto has turned to Brooklyn's Grizzly Bear to help them move more product. It's been a while since I saw a hipster buy a scratch ticket, but, perhaps the suits at WS Lotto see potential in the, um, market.

Grizzly Bear has actually sent Lotto a brand new song for the trippy ad set in a convenient store. Patrick Daughters--the same guy who directed the video for Grizzly's "Two Weeks"--directs this spot. Entertainment Weekly has an advance look at the ad that will start showing up on the tube sometime today.

But, speaking of music on TV, we have got to be just days away from hearing Avi Buffalo between Seinfeld reruns, right? What's taking so long?

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