Duff McKagan: What to Listen For On Slash's Solo Record (Besides Me!)

Duff McKagan's column runs every Thursday on Reverb. He writes about what music is circulating through his space every Monday.
I am excited for my good buddy this week. Slash is putting out a new record that, if you saw things from where I am sitting, he has probably been working on in one form or another, since 1994. After the last Velvet Revolver record and tour, we were all pretty damned burnt out on that whole thing. Slash repaired himself in a studio in Hollywood and recorded some damn fine rock music. Here's a look at a few tracks of his self-titled record:

"Live By The Sword": This first single from Slash's record showcases the grandiosity that is too often these days, missing from rock songs. Andrew Stockdale kills it!

"Ghost": Great riffage featuring the guitar tandem of Slash and Izzy...which is always great to hear. Ian Astbury is the featured singer on this song and he is always great in my view.

"Watch This": Well, because me and Dave Grohl play on this instrumental, naturally!

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