CD Review: The Quietly Stunning Beauty of im not as good at it as you by S

?Artist: S

Album: im not as good at it as you

Label: Your Records

Release date: April 8

Rating (Skip, Stream, or Buy): Buy

Download: "Save You"

Jenn Ghetto of S is self-effacing, nearly to a fault. At her in-store performance at Sonic Boom Records' Capitol Hill store yesterday, she introduced one song as "slightly better than mediocre" and another as "not very good." Strangely, such deprecation is completely charming, because it's always evident that she's being honest. Her bashfulness manifests itself a few ways, such as the punctuation-free, ee cummings-style she uses in her album titles, and in the tentative tones of her guitar. It's a delicate, unsettlingly vulnerable stance for an artist to take, but she inhabits it beautifully. The songs reflect that, with a hushed intimacy that will undoubtedly make her instantly popular with anyone who loves Cat Power, Neko Case, or even the early work of Sinead O'Connor.

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