Ben Gibbard Soundalike Owl City Makes List of 100 Unsexiest Men

Gibbard? Who's Gibbard? Oh, right, he's just the guy I'm ripping off--all the way to the bank.
Lots of people think Owl City--aka Adam Young, the tunesmith behind "Hello, Seattle"--sounds a lot like Ben Gibbard, even though Young himself prefers to flat-out dodge the comparison. Count the Boston Phoenix among this choir, with glass breaking all around the notes it hits.

This week, Boston's alt-weekly-of-record came out with its hilariously wonderful "100 Unsexiest Men" issue, rivaled in vitriol only by the New York Press' "50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers." Topping the list, of course, is Tiger Woods, and John "Generic Clapton" Mayer makes a much-deserved appearance at #5.

Meanwhile, Young rates #56 on the unsexy charts, with the Gibbard comparison once again rearing its cut(i)e head.

Writes the Phoenix: "Owl City's insufferable, inescapable Top 40 crossover hit 'Fireflies' sounds like someone has kidnapped Death Cab's Ben Gibbard, cut off his testicles, and is holding him for ransom in a church basement decorated with rainbows and unicorns. Adam Young, the 23-year-old wastrel behind this abomination of a Postal Service rip-off, appears to be on a crusade to de-sexualize rock and roll: nothing says 'birth control' quite like the act of licensing an official Owl City 'adult onesie.'"

They close by saying Young looks like "k.d. lang on estrogen supplements."

No punches, pulling.

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