Album Review: Goldfrapp's Head First Is Light On Edge, Heavy on Fluff

Artist: Goldfrapp

Album: Head First

Label: Mute

Release date: March 22

Rating (Skip, Stream, or Buy): Stream, for your next aerobic workout

Download Watch: The music video for "Rocket"

In 2006, Goldfrapp released a timelessly sexy record called Supernature. The album contained the glam hits "Ooh La La" and "Ride a White Horse," and it was edgy because of how seamlessly it integrated electronica with disco beats and flair. But if Supernature was a gem of a pop record, Goldfrapp's latest, Head First, is a flashy but cheap imitation rhinestone. I was listening to and completely enjoying "Rocket," the record's synthy, sugary first single with its repetitive chorus of "oh oh oh, I've got a rocket/ Oh, oh oh, you're going on it" ("This song would be way different if a guy was singing it," my boyfriend astutely observed), when I realized that it was a pretty stupid, inane little song. I think it was towards the end, when Alison Goldfrapp starts whispering an actual liftoff ("5...4...3...2...1"). The songs are way less dance floor, more jazzercise workout tape. And while there's nothing wrong with a little pop fluff every now and then (I also quite like the riveting Abba-meets-Fleetwood Mac feel of "I'm a Believer"), that doesn't mean I can fully recommend this disc - especially when I know these artists are capable of producing a much smarter, sharper pop record.

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