Album Review: Caribou's Sensually Sleek New Record, Swim

Artist: Caribou

Album: Swim

Label: Merge

Release date: April 19

Rating (Skip, Stream, or Buy): Buy

Download: "Odessa"

As a follow-up to Andorra, his 2007 masterpiece of golden '60s-era pop, Daniel Snaith of Caribou set out to make a dance record, one that could be played in the nightclubs in his hometown of London. The result, this month's Swim, is actually more of a great-background-for-sex record. Tracks like "Leave House" and the hazy "Kaili" are definitely hip-shakers, but they're infused with a cool, icy, and very alluring sheen. Snaith has a Ph.D in mathematics, and his songs are as staggeringly intricate as a calculus equation that takes up the entire chalkboard. His vocals are soft, murmuring, and only more sensually enhanced by reverberating effects like the chilling viola jags in "Jamelia." Swim's opener, the squirming, pulsing "Odessa," is unsettling and a bit bizarre, but it might be the sexiest song you'll hear this year.

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