Tonight: Efterklang at the Triple Door, New Found Glory

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Nan Na Hvass
Efterklang, with Pan Pan. Triple Door, 216 Union St., 838-4333. 7:30 p.m. $18. All ages. In keeping with the symphonic pop trend that's been sweeping indie music for the past five years or so, Danish outfit Efterklang's 2007 release, Parades, is (as its name suggests) a bright, brassy, cheerful treat of a record. Now Efterklang appears to be going for a slightly more ethereal, minimalist sound on new release Magic Chairs. On Parades, the band employed a whopping ten members to create a sound that could rival that of a symphony orchestra - and yes, I'm talking about the original record, not the live recording of the band performing Parades with the Danish Symphony Orchestra - but Magic Chairs sounds like it could have been made by a different band, so sparse does it sound by comparison. Live, Efterklang delivers powerful, all-consuming sets that demand your undivided attention - and if you're being noisy, don't be surprised if one of the band's rabid fans (if not a member of the band itself) unceremoniously tells you to shut the fuck up. SARA BRICKNER

New Found Glory, with Saves The Day, Hellogoodbye, Fireworks. Showbox at the Market, 1426 First Ave., 628-3151. 6:30 p.m. $23. All ages. When Nothing Gold Can Stay was released in 1999, New Found Glory epitomized the pop-punk revolution. With nasally, post-adolescent vocals and a mosh-able beat, songs like "Hit or Miss" became anthems for Hot Topic-goers. Eleven years later, New Found Glory is still recording the same music. 2009's Not Without A Fight has a few more harmonies and some slower tempos than Nothing Gold, but the album is pop-punk to the core. That's where New Found Glory stands apart from the Get Up Kids, a similar-sounding band that captured the hearts and stereos of Generation Y. While the Get Up Kids are now reuniting, playing songs from their 1997 and 1999 albums, New Found Glory is currently on an anniversary tour, playing new songs that just sound like they were written in the 90s. PAIGE RICHMOND

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