The Runaways: Top Five Scenes Starring Dakota Fanning Behaving Badly

Ch- ch- ch- ch- ch- cherry bomb!
Can you believe Dakota Fanning is 16? She's permanently etched in most people's minds as the cute kid with the toothy grin in movies like I Am Sam and Charlotte's Web. But she seems determined as of late to shed her wholesome image and show she can handle more "grown-up" roles. Fair enough.

In The Runaways, the biopic based on the '70s girl rock band of the same name released last Friday, Fanning plays lead singer Cherie Currie. Yes, Fanning engaged in sex, drugs, rock n' roll. It's like a Muppet with a machine gun - totally out of character, totally entertaining.

Read on for a list of the top five scenes in The Runaways that show Fanning behaving badly.

5. Fanning Flips Off Her High School Peers

At the start of the film, Fanning lip-syncs and writhes to her idol David Bowie's "Lady Grinning Soul" at her high school talent show. Everybody boos and throws garbage, she responds with two raised middle fingers. In real life, the only fingers Fanning raises are spirit fingers. She's the captain of her high school's cheerleading team.

4. Fanning Swears Like a Sailor

This isn't a reference to one particular scene, but the entire movie in general. Really, there is nothing funnier than hearing Fanning use the words "shit," "fuck," and "cock."

3. Fanning Makes Out (and Maybe More) With a Girl

On their first trip overseas in Japan, Currie and Joan Jett (played by Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame) celebrate their success by drinking lots of booze and swallowing lots of pills at a roller skating rink. Afterwards, they hook up in the hotel room. Can you imagine Fanning actually waking up so fucked up that she's naked and still wearing her roller skates?

2. Fanning Struts Her Stuff in Lingerie

Currie is initially uncomfortable with her jailbait/ sex symbol status, but quickly learns to embrace it. She trades in her jeans for lingerie, more specifically a white satin corset with a garter belt. Doubtful they're still in Fanning's closet.

1. Fanning Snorts Cocaine in the Airplane Bathroom

This scene takes the cake (or the coke, in this case.) Currie worries that she'll be caught smuggling drugs by airport security, but she wants to get high. Solution: She and Jett sneak into the bathroom with a plastic baggy of coke and proceed to snort the living daylights out of it. There's nothing quite like seeing Fanning coked out and cackling with delight as she rubs the remnants of her stash on her gums.

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