The Graze Returns with a Great New Folk Record, Which You Can Download for Free

Louis O'Callaghan

If you're not familiar with the Graze, it's likely because the man behind the Graze, Seattle songwriter Louis O'Callaghan, took five and a half years to release his second full-length album, Give/Sell. You can download it free if you sign up for the band's mailing list on the Graze's blog/website. And you'll want to, because Give/Sell is an instantly-likeable collection of lo-fi folk songs -- something that's furthered by O'Callaghan's vocal kinship with the likes of Jeff Mangum, Ryan Adams and John Vanderslice. A weird bunch to compare a person to, I know, but listen to the album a couple times and you'll see what I'm getting at.

That said, while his voice resembles all of those esteemed artists at different turns, it's a distinctive entity, as is O'Callaghan's guitar work. Had someone played it for me blind and said it was an early Elephant Six demo, I would've believed it. Give/Sell is so rife with potential, in fact, that it makes you wonder what O'Callaghan could accomplish if he devoted a little more time to his solo work and a little less to the other three bands he's in. Anyhow, if you download Give/Sell and like what you hear, his CD release show is 9 p.m. this Friday at the Mars Bar (it costs $6 to get in).

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