Surly Gourmand to Chris Mansfield: "You Don't Get to Act Like Axl Rose Until You're as RICH as Axl Rose"

Lori Paulson, via SW's Flickr Pool
Chris Mansfield, in happier times.
According to the Surly Gourmand's Voracious post, this appears to be Sunday's order of events at The New Guard, a shindig mashing up art, music, food, and booze.

-- Peeps arrive, check out the work of artist Chauncey Peck. They start drinking.

-- They're served food, including Kushi oysters, courtesy of Tyler Palagi. They keep drinking.

-- Out comes desert. Well, THREE of them by Melkonian: a root beer "Pixie Stik", rhubarb "crisp", and a "foie gras Snickers bar." Voices rise above acceptable PGA standards.

-- Chris Mansfield [Fences] takes the stage, and plays two songs. People keep talking about three deserts as if they were at an art, food, and music event.

-- Mansfield walks off the stage in a huff after two songs because people get loud.

May we suggest an amendment to the New Guard's musical contract: "After feeding our guests food, booze, and three desserts, it might get loud."

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