Ping-Pong, Pabst, and Sera Cahoone at 12th Ave's Watertown Coffee

Sera Cahoone plays Watertown Coffee -- 550 - 12th Ave, basically 12th and Jefferson -- on Friday, April 16.
Watertown Coffee, 12th Avenue's best coffee shop that also serves whiskey and guacamole, is like you, a little different (couldn't resist). They host ping-pong tournaments, their shelves of LPs are a constant source of "oh, shit yeah!" moments, they have a menu of boilermakers, and next month they're gonna put their most famous barista to work behind the mic.

Those of you who have been served an espresso by Sera Cahoone--who has been known to pull a shift or two behind the bar-- know she can pull a shot just as tastefully as she drops those heartfelt country melodies. On Friday April 16, she'll be playing an acoustic show for the neighborhood with pedal steel guitarist Jason Kardong. $12 gets you through the door.

Note: We're still waiting to hear back on at set time and whether or not the ping-pong table will be taken down for the event. Paddlers stay tuned.

Second Note: What neighborhood would y'all consider Watertown in? It's NOT Capitol Hill. It's not really First Hill. And it's not exactly the CD. I just call it 12th.

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