Once a Record Geek, Always a Record Geek (p.s. the Cops are back together)

Mike Jaworski: Vinyl Dork and Out-of-Retirement Cop
This week's edition of Rocket Queen focuses on the ten-year anniversary of High Fidelity. I interviewed a couple of former record store employees of note, including LA Times scribe Ann Powers and local label owner Mike Jaworski. Today I ran into him outside his former workplace of Sonic Boom, with a bag of vinyl in hand. He was particularly stoked about the 7-inch by Eddy Current Suppression Ring. It's nice to know the dude is true to his roots.

In related news, Jaworski's former band, the Cops, have decided to take another run at it (Jaworski currently fronts Virgin Islands--the Cops broke-up in 2008). There are no major plans other than to "BBQ, drink a lot of rose, and play with delay pedals." Sounds like a decent summer agenda to me.

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