My Trip To California: Part 7. The Blue Skies of Los Angeles

I was born in Los Angeles and lived there until I was 14. I've spent much of my life driving up and down I-5 and US 101, traveling the west coast of the United States.

There were those international moments too - Nirvana did a couple of tours where we played Vancouver, British Columbia on one end and Tijuana, Baja California on the other.

There's a lot of asphalt and concrete between the two places but the "City of Angels" seems like it has the most! It's a vast collection of strip malls, intersections and dwellings. It has that urban grit but my favorite thing about being here is the flora. I love the palms, cactus and succulent plants. Jade grows like weeds. LA is prettily green and the sky clear blue - you can even see the snow on the Sierra Madre mountains!

Reverb blogger/pilot Krist Novoselic has been documenting his trip to California, including his experiences with SF's public transportation and visits with old friends like Buzz Osborne.

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