My Trip To California: Part 2. Gizmo-Mania

Happy Rider - and using hands to hold steady!
I've been riding the Bay Area Rapid Transit and noticed how many people are fiddling with their gizmo's. They're hunching over the little palm devices with thumbs-a-blazing.

Darbury has made an interesting comment about the impact of this phenomenon on transportation. She says driving automobiles will not be attractive to these people because you cannot focus on your handheld device while operating the vehicle. In fact, Washington State has just passed a law banning texting while driving. So chalk one up for the future of mass transit.

I've chosen to live in the hills and sometimes it takes a little adjusting to society. When I played All Tomorrows Parties with Flipper a few years ago I got a little freaked out when we hit the stage. I looked out into the crowd and most people were holding their cell phones up. It's a rock cliche to hold up your lighter at concerts, but these weren't incendiary devices - people were taking photos / videos. But you knew this. My point is that I had a moment of confusion.

Reverb blogger/pilot Krist Novoselic has been documenting his trip to California, including his experiences with SF's public transportation and visits with old friends like Buzz Osborne.

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