My Trip To California

Rainy Day In SanFrancisco
I'm in San Francisco today as part of a short trip to California. I left on Wednesday to beat the weather out of the Northwest. I piloted my trusty Cessna 182 down the coast pushed by the weather front hitting the Washington and Oregon coast. Great tailwinds for an easy flight in clear skies. It was like the wind filling my sails except I was airborne.

It's a rainy day down here. It kind of looks like Seattle. And I've never seen SF so verdant. I was on the south end of Golden Gate park and it was like a rainforest - the grass and fauna were radiant, glowing green. Not a good day to walk in the big city so I've been taking mass transit.

I want to write a little about music. One of my favorite bands is AIR. It's a collaboration between Nicolas Godin and Jean-BenoƮt Dunckel. I first became aware of this French band with their song "Sexy Boy". I bought the record Moon Safari and have been hooked since. I have most of their releases and enjoy their style of smooth Electronica pop.

I'm going to be writing more about AIR later tonight, and will blog as much as I can about the rest of my trip for the next few days.

Reverb blogger/pilot Krist Novoselic has been documenting his trip to California, including his experiences with SF's public transportation and visits with old friends like Buzz Osborne.

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