Artist : LCD Soundsystem

MP3 : "Drunk Girls"

Label : DFA Records

Release Date : Self-titled album expected on May 18

While the prospect that


MP3 Review: LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls" Will Have Fully Infected Me By Monday

Artist: LCD Soundsystem

MP3: "Drunk Girls"

Label: DFA Records

Release Date: Self-titled album expected on May 18

While the prospect that the next LCD Soundsystem album will be the last to spring from the mind of leader James Murphy is sad, the guy created singles so infectious and imaginative that I'm grateful he just gave us what he did. Even five years after its release and ubiquitous presence on dance floors everywhere, few things turn up the volume on a party like dropping "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House."

"Drunk Girls", the first single from LCD's third and supposed final album, leaked this week, has all of the hallmarks of what make's Murphy's songs so magnetic: the thickness and buoyancy of his signature beats, and his ability to illustrate a universally relatable scenario with humor and sharp, lucid detail (in this case, of course, ill-behaved, but entertaining ladies who've had 11 cocktails too many). It's not fully seduced me yet, but it's probably still just in the incubatory phase; I'm guessing I'll be fully infected by Monday. The still-untitled new album drops on May 18; you can view clips from the sessions over here.

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