Mad Rad's Terry Radjaw Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting a Cabbie After Trying to Have Sex in the Back Seat of the Cab

Mad Rad's Terry Radjaw, aka Gregory Smith.
Mad Rad manager Kerri Harrop tells Seattle Crime that Radjaw (Gregory Smith) and his girlfriend, Krystina Borland, were merely making out on New Years Day when the alleged assault went down.

According to the police report, a cabbie alleges that Radjaw refused to pay his fare, and that when he followed Radjaw down the street, the DJ pushed the cab driver down on to the hood of the taxi and wrapped his hands around his neck.

Harrop says the cabbie slammed on his brakes trying to breakup the foreplay, and that Radjaw did not pay because he "did not feel (he) received the service he should receive in a cab."

Seattle Crime's got the full story, which includes talk of a girlfriend's knife and why those boys in Mad Rad seem to keep stepping in one thing or another.

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