Jurado's Still Recording: "Mountains Still Asleep" Posted to MySpace


Five weeks later, Damien Jurado is still following through on his announcement to post new songs to his MySpace page every week. (He's got enough for an EP by now.) The newest song, "Mountains Still Asleep," is similar to tenor and style to last week's "Wyoming Birds": sparse, with just guitar and vocals. "Mountains" is more down tempo, though, and much simpler. The lyrics are highly visual--"I stood above clouds to see you on the ground/ waving me down--but the instrumentals feel almost too spare. The song is beautiful, but it lacks the glow and sparkle "You for a While" and "Diamond Sea," the first two songs Jurado posted (which are no longer available from his MySpace page). This is the first track in Jurado's weekly experiment that actually sounds like a demo.

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