Free MP3: MGMT's Brand New "Flash Delirium"

Jon Bergman
MGMT has released a song from the forthcoming Congratulations (out April 13) - "Flash Delirium" is available for free to download. Fans of the uber-hit Time To Pretend might want to prepare themselves - the track is scaled down in a big way from the songs on that first record. Despite a repeated chorus of "dance until the heart explodes, and we'll make this place ignite," it lacks any of the staggering, grandiose moments that we've come to expect, instead digging into some more low-key indie-pop sensibilities. There is a bit of a cacophonous build at the end of the song, but I still can't help but feel a little underwhelmed. It's a new direction though, so I am curious to hear more of the record.

Download "Flash Delirium" and judge for yourself here.

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