Do You Suffer From iPod Dependency?

Life as I know it is over. I woke up this morning to discover my car had been ransacked. My glove compartment was empty, the backseat strewn with registration and insurance papers. I knew the damage before I even took a closer look. The asshole stole my precious pink Nano iPod. (No thanks, I do not want to hear a lecture on how stupid it is to store one's iPod in the glove compartment. I've gotten the spiel twice already today from my boyfriend and my father. So zip it.)

Deep breath...

What amazes me is how dependent I am on that damn iPod. The past five hours of my life have been completely out of whack. My workout was exhausting rather than energizing. My walk was marred by the sound of traffic and construction, interrupting my thoughts every few minutes. Life it turns out, is not as enjoyable when it isn't accompanied by my own personal soundtrack.

Am I being melodramatic? (If you think so, then maybe you should give me your iPod.) Surely, I am not the only one that feels this pain. Who else suffers from iPod dependency? I know you're out there.

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