A.M. Music News: Dr. Dog, Banhart, and the Guys From The Who and Zeppelin

Laura Musselman
Dr. Dog at The Croc on April 14, 2009.
-- NPR: Listen to the entire Dr. Dog record. That single, Shadow People, is an appropriate emissary for the record. It's a tight record from start to finish. Smart, well-written indie pop all around.

-- Spinner: Coke's expensive: The Libertines are reuniting for the British festival circuit.

-- Pitchfork: Devendra Banhart broke some bones skateboarding!

-- Rolling Stone: They found lots of propofol and plenty of of skin-whitening creams at Michael Jackson's place.

-- NME: Roger Daltrey wants to make a Keith Moon biopic. That makes two of us.

-- LiveDaily: Yeah, Robert Plant's hitting the road this summer. Yeah, he'll be previewing a new record. No, it ain't Zeppelin.

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