YACHT Covers Weezer, Taints My Junior High School Memories of the Blue Album

Leave it to Jona Bechtolt to turn the

YACHT combines the power of Weezer and Madonna into one song. Photo by Sarah Meadows.
rhapsody of Weezer's Blue Album into a distorted dance number. Bechtolt--also known as the mastermind behind Portland's experimental YACHT--recorded a cover of Weezer's 1994 song "Holiday" for a recent iTunes session EP.

YACHT's version sounds more like Madonna's "Holiday" than Weezer's now 16-year-old song (to think I was in the sixth grade when I first heard the Blue Album and associated it with the wholesomeness of Buddy Holly). Bechtolt's gender-bending Bandmate Claire L. Evans' voice is partially what draws comparison to Her Madgesty, but she's also added a steady drumbeat to the song, giving it a danceable rhythm. The tempo change is most noticeable in the chorus: where Rivers Cuomo held out the word "holiday" like a battle cry, Bechtolt Evans enunciates each syllable like they're cymbal beats.

Like always, YACHT's music feels a little tongue-in-cheek. There's also a twee moment toward to end of the song, when the lyrics mention Kerouac's "On the Road," and a voice in the background yells, "Oh, I love that book!"

You can listen for yourself on the band's blog or at Pitchfork.

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