This New Broken Social Scene Track Is Kind of Boring

The cover of Forgiveness Rock Record
This morning, Broken Social Scene tweeted that they're offering up "World Sick," a song from the band's upcoming album Forgiveness Rock Record, free on the band's website (you have to give your e-mail address to get the song). The last time the band came to town, they played a bunch of classic BSS songs, like "cause = time," and "It's All Gonna Break," then informed us that we wouldn't be hearing the old jams again anytime soon. Fair enough: you can only perform a song so many times before it gets played out and you need a break. But since the band hasn't put out a proper full-length since 2005 (not counting film scores or the Broken Social Scene presents... stuff, that is), I was understandably curious to hear "World Sick" to get an idea of what we could expect from the band's upcoming Sasquatch appearance.

Unfortunately, "World Sick" turned out to be something of a disappointment. It's perfectly pleasant in the background, but it lacks the dynamic pop sensibility of the best tracks from You Forgot it in People and the band's self-titled album. Nor is it an ambient masterpiece like the somewhat more challenging stuff that populated Bee Hives. Maybe I just need to listen to the song a few more times, but I'm three spins in so far and I'm just not feeling it. Even though it's almost seven minutes long, the melody basically repeats an AB pattern, but it's not catchy enough to warrant such repetition. Fortunately, Forgiveness Rock Record hits stores May 4, so we'll all have time to check out the rest of the album well before Sasquatch.

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