The Maldives Finally Schedule a Long-Overdue Tour With Or, the Whale

Michael Garlington
Or, the Whale: perfectly paired with the Maldives
From what Mt. Fuji Records head Mike "Jaws" Jaworski told me last time we spoke, scheduling a tour for beloved local Mt. Fuji band the Maldives has been a challenge. But Sound on the Sound reports that the band's finally going to make it out of Seattle for the first time as pre-SXSW support for San Francisco alt-country act Or, the Whale. However you feel about Or, the Whale's moniker, there's no denying that their self-titled sophomore effort is damn good (if you need proof, head over to MySpace and listen to "Datura"), and more importantly, they attract a crowd that should like, or at least be receptive to, the Maldives' hard-rocking country. Anyway, the Maldives' Seattle appearance with Or, the Whale happens March 10 at the Tractor Tavern.

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