Wow, Seattle Really Took It On the Chin at The Grammys Last Night

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Laura Musselman
Ben Gibbard and Death Cab for Cutie were beat to their Grammy by Phoenix last night.
Like Duff pointed out earlier this morning, The Grammys certainly aren't an indication of quality any more than the Billboard charts are. But, I have to say I expected Seattle to bring home at least one trophy last night. But by my math, we got snubbed at every turn. (Please correct me if I'm wrong). The only thing close to a Seattle Grammy win last night came in the Producer of the Year category. The statue went to Brendan O'Brien, whose production credits for the season included work with Pearl Jam (specifically the single, The Fixer).

Here's how Seattle's other nominees went down:

-- Alice in Chains, Best Hard Rock Performance: The award went to AC/DC for "War Machine" off the album Black Ice.

-- Pearl Jam, Best Rock Song: The Kings of Leon kids took home the award for "Use Somebody." Good song, and I love me some KOL, but not close to their best song/performance. Not by a long shot.

-- Death Cab for Cutie, Best Alternative Music Album: Phoenix took home the statue for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

-- Henta Ellis, Best New Age Album: Award went to David Darling for Prayer For Compassion.

-- David Miles Huber, Best Surround Sound Album: The award went to the folks behind Transmigration.

-- Jordan Butcher, Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package: As Butcher predicted in our cover story a couple weeks ago, the award went to Gary Burden for his work on Neil Young Archives Vol. I (1963-1972).

-- Dave Matthews Band, Album of the Year: Not even our token Seattleite could bring home the statue here.

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