Music Blogocide 2K10: Blogger (Poorly) Explains Site Takedowns

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In the past 24 hours, several sites run through Google-owned blog hosting service Blogger were quickly and (at first) quietly pulled from the Interwebs: a number of popular mp3 blogs, including Pop Tarts Suck Toasted, LivingEars, and It's a Rap.

A few minutes ago, the host's official news site Blogger Buzz acknowledged but then skirted around the issue, noting that "While we make it a policy to not publicly discuss individual users or their accounts, we wanted to clarify a few things about how and when Blogger enforces its Terms of Service" and invoking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Meanwhile, a handful of the blogs have relaunched with the material they were able to recover, and hold steadfast that they have in fact complied with DMCA requests and pulled down offending files in the past.

From Pop Tarts Suck Toasted:

...As you may have noticed my blog was murdered by the villainous conglomerate known as Goggle (Blogger) yesterday morning, due to copyright infringement or however they want to spin. While that is definitely very bad news... that and the fact I was already partially setup for a Wordpress move allowed me to move quickly and save most of what had been forcefully taken from me.

Any local bloggers get hit? And does this mean the music community is going to shift to WordPress--or, God forbid, Tumblr?

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