More From Jake One on Freeway and The Stimulus Package

Jake One
Here are some additional insights from Jake One about The Stimulus Package, the album he produced for Phili MC Freeway:

On Freeway's process: "It just surprised me how fast he worked. It was just kind of a trip seeing that. He came out [to Seattle] for, like, three or four days, and we actually recorded in the other room over there," Jake said, referring to a studio in the OK Hotel, in Pioneer Square. "And he did maybe, like, 10 songs in two and a half days. Out of those ideas, we ended up using three of them, which, you know, is pretty good."

On the song "Follow My Moves," featuring Birdman: "I remember Free calling me and saying, 'I just ran into Birdman at the mall, and he wants to get in the studio.' I was like, For what? What are we gonna do with that?" But it turned out well, Jake added. "It was shocking."

On bringing Freeway into the Rhymesayers fold: "Just knowing them--knowing [Brother] Ali, knowing [Atmosphere's] Slug, and people that run the label--they're not strictly fans of what they do. They're into all kinds of rap. They looked at it as an opportunity to grow what they do. And I thought it would be a perfect place for [Freeway]. I think just what he does is hip-hop. He's not really a radio artist."

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