Last Night: The Globes and Finn Riggins Rock the Sunset, Loudly

Bobby McHugh
Finn Riggins played The Sunset with The Globes and Boy Eats Drum Machine on Thursday, Feb. 25.
Watching The Globes last night sealed my opinion of that band as a thing of budding greatness. They've created this beautiful brand of indie rock that somehow feels so Northwest, but here's the main thing about The Globes - everything about their performance is on point. The third song on their setlist last night, "Stay Awake," is the most technically razor-sharp song I can remember hearing in a long time. Erik Walters' voice is so sugary and pretty that it's easy to forget how rocking this band is - the more cacophonous moments, when the drums are flailing and Walters' and Kyle Musselwhite's guitars are simultaneously building in such a visceral way, remind me of my beloved Sunny Day Real Estate.

Finn Riggins didn't disappoint either - I love a good husband and wife team, and the vibe between Eric Gilbert (keys/synth/vocals) and Lisa Simpson (guitar/vocals) is worth a Yo La Tengo comparison, especially in combination with their impressively adroit drummer Cameron Bouiss. Similar to YLT, Finn Riggins' take on rock music is decidedly experimental - Gilbert's keys are jamming, I never knew a steel drum could sound so punk, and Simpson can seriously belt. I could have done without the part where they sang binary code, but a lot of the intense instrumental breaks in their set made my ears feel like they were bleeding. And that is legit.

Check out Bobby McHugh's photos of The Globes and Finn Riggins after the jump.

The Globes' lead guitarist Kyle Musselwhite

Erik Walters of The Globes

Lisa Simpson of Finn Riggins. Way more rockin' than that other Lisa Simpson.

Eric Gilbert of Boise's Finn Riggins

Finn Riggins steel drum master Cameron Bouiss
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