Jurado Makes Good on His Promises; Posts Another New Song

Damien Jurado posted another brand new song to his MySpace this week. He plays the Sunset Tavern on Feb. 26. Photo by Sarah Murphy Jurado.
Damien Jurado appears to be a man of his word. Last week, he promised to release a new song every week until May, when his new album, Saint Bartlett, will be released on Secretly Canadian. (These songs aren't sneak previews of Saint Bartlett; instead, they're all new recordings produced weekly.)

It seems like a big creative undertaking to write and a record a song each week, but so far Jurado is making it appear effortless. He made good on the promise earlier this week, posting "Diamond Sea," a song sparse on instrumentals but filled with dense, symbolic lyrics. Images of chandeliers, gold, and reflections float over Jurado's gentle guitar strums. "Can't you tell me that you want me?/ If not, just throw me back lightly/ into the diamond sea," he sings.

The two songs he's posted so far feel much more raw and stripped down than some of his more recent songs. (After the jump, watch the video for "Caskets," on 2008's Caught in the Trees, for comparison.) I can't help but wonder if these weekly releases point toward the sound Jurado will showcase on Saint Bartlett, or if they're simply a different creative undertaking.

Damien Jurado, "Caskets" from Thinklab on Vimeo.

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