Blue Scholars Book Double Feature At the Showbox March 26 and 27

Blue Scholars - HI-808 (Official Music Video) from Blue Scholars on Vimeo.

The last few days have been a Blue Scholars blitz. Yesterday, MC Geologic released a new single under his side project, Prometheus Brown. ("I wish all songs came this easily. Don't you miss when overt racists were in power? Enjoy," he blogged about the song, titled "Michelle Malkin." It's available for free download at the band's website.)

Now, they've signed on to play two shows at the Showbox, on March 26 and 27. The first show includes Common Market, Gordon Voidwell, Bambu w/ DJ Phatrick, and DV One as openers; the second boasts with Macklemore, Das Racist, The Physics, and DV One. Looks like Sabzi's Brooklyn residency isn't slowing down this duo one second. Tickets go on sale Feb. 13 for both shows.

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