A.M. Music News: Lil' Wayne Cleans His Chops, the Phantom Wants Abbey Road, and Kings of Leon Sell Out

Renee McMahon
Kings of Leon at Sasquatch! 2009.
-- NME: Kings of Leon sold out all 65,000 tickets to their show at London's Hyde Park in a matter of seconds this morning. Holy damn.

-- CNN: Look at that, The Phantom of the Opera wants to buy Abbey Road Studios.

-- TMZ: Hey, kids, you still have to brush your diamond grill. Lil' Wayne gets eight root canals in eight hours of surgery.

-- Rolling Stone: Ticketmaster and the FTC have put Springsteen behind them. For a primer on the New Jersey ticketing scandal, check out this New Yorker story.

-- LiveDaily: Shelby Lynne plays the Triple Door on April 27. Her new record, Tears, Lies, and Alibis, hits shelves on April 20.

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