A.M. Music News: Helladope, EMI, and New Music From the New Pornographers

Chantal Anderson
New Pornographers at Marymoor.
-- Pitchfork: Download "Your Hands (Together)," a track off the upcoming New Pornographers record, Together, which drops on May 4. Yes, they're playing Sasquatch!

-- NYT Sunday Book Review: "The story of pop music is usually told as a story of records, and records are poor witnesses. They can make day-work seem like divine whispers, or fail to explain why a musician found his stride in such a place at such a time." -- Ben Ratliff

-- NY Times: The people have spoken, and EMI's taking Abbey Road Studios off the market.

-- TNT: Review of Bon Jovi's tour-opening show at KeyArena.

-- SeaTimes: Helladope tapped to open for Goodie Mob (Wednesday) and Snoop (March 5).

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