The Future: Hawks, Rock, and a McKagan/Novoselic Ticket In 2012

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Sometimes I just can't find that one defining thing to write about. It is often at this point, when I can't focus, that I realize that a bunch of stuff is all going on at once. For instance:

Music: "I think records were just a little bubble in time, and those who made a living from them for a while were lucky. There is no reason why anyone should have made so much money from making records, except that everything was right for this period of time. I always knew that it would run out sooner or later. It couldn't last, and now it's running out. I don't particularly care that it is,` and like the way that it is going."

-- Brian Eno

I think what Eno is trying to get across here is that corporate music America got too fat and greedy, and pushed true art aside for the next big thing that would sell more copies rather than be an important and brave musical adventure. Oh, sure, Ticketmaster and Live Nation just completed a big merger this week (President Obama? Antitrust? Anyone?), but the major labels are in their death-rattle stage.

It is an exciting time for forward-thinking people to launch something new and righteous for their artists and highly accessible for the listeners. Good art will again prevail, because live shows will be what generate the income. Good art attracts large crowds. Large crowds buy more shirts. A band or artist can print their own shirts. Good art can be made available through online digital portals on the artist's terms. Vinyl is becoming very popular again. Good art can indeed support itself and flourish financially. That is good business. Fuck the major labels. Go support live music TODAY!

Football: Yes, I am a huge Seahawks fan, and knew in Week 4 or so that we didn't stand a chance in hell this season. It is at this point in a season that I try to find another team to sort of secretly pull for, a team that may have a chance of going to the playoffs and whose story I like.

This season, my auxiliary team was the Minnesota Vikings. I've liked Steve Hutchinson since he was here in Seattle, and, to be honest, me and every other 40-something male in America pulled for Brett Favre this year. We rooted for Favre because he is the last hope for guys like me. There is still a glimmer of hope that yes, I, Duff McKagan, could "suit up" for the NFL and hear the crowd absolutely roar as I cross the goal line after receiving an 80-yard slant-pass from some QB half my age, winning the Super Bowl for my beloved Seattle Seahawks and the 12th Man!

I cringed last Sunday as Favre took repeated punishment and the Vikings' hopes slipped out of Adrian Peterson's slippery hands. The Saints have a great story too this year, and so I suppose I will pull for them in the Super Bowl . . . I just hope that Favre comes back for another year. I don't want my football-watching couch to be a vantage point for watching dudes in their 20s next year. Unless of course it is watching all the genius draft picks that Pete Carroll gets, taking us all the way to the Super Bowl (or at least a winning season?). Until then, let's go, Mariners!

Side note: Before I get a whole rash of "old age" comments from you readers, the 40s ARE the new 20s, so suck it.

Obama: Well, here we go. According to almost every news channel and poll out there, America is getting somewhat disheartened with our Prez. I suppose I see some of the logic here. President Obama hasn't really taken a hard stance on ANYTHING to this point in office, and we were all expecting some sort of hard line on, at least, health-care reform or ├╝ber-transparency with the stimulus package. No. The Health Care Reform bill has been nothing but watered down since its first appearance last August (kowtowing to the Republicans when the Democrats had the majority vote all along. I still don't get that move. Too late now, though--Republican Scott Brown, of course, just won to fill the slot left vacant by Senator Ted Kennedy). A Republican winning a Senate seat in old-school Democratland Massachusetts does not bode well for Obama's party and popularity.

President Obama has shown this week that finance guru Tim Geithner may be falling out of his good graces. I am not sure who is to blame for the blunder, reported this week, about the "stimulus signs" that are appearing on our nation's highways. Apparently, with the money used to make these signs that PROMOTE the stimulus money creating jobs, we could have created hundreds and hundreds, maybe even thousands, of jobs actually FIXING the roadways. I hate this crap.

Hey, I haven't forgotten all the praise I have written here about Obama, and I still back him 100 percent. Our Republican right just seems a little dangerous and creepy right now. Maybe fellow Reverb columnist Krist Novoselic and I should run for office in 2012? We'd be kick-ass, and we could rock, too. I think this country needs tax incentives for business and lower taxes for citizens AND sweeping social programs. Let me work on that.

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