Sub Pop's Cybersex Sampler: Kittens, Psych Rock and Rainbows

Ah, the .gifs of yesteryear
That's right, kids: it's time for Sub Pop's cybersex sampler, which comes complete with silly .gifs (kitties, rainbows and puppies, oh my!) that'll take you back to the '90s and what a pain it was to use your grandparents' AOL account. The main attraction, of course, are the mp3s, but don't head over there excepting to see a bunch of brand-new, unreleased shit; most of these songs have been available on Sub Pop's site and making the rounds for a while (that, or the albums upon which they were included were released, like, months ago), making this whole thing slightly less exciting than it initially sounds.

But hey, at least this little site provides a place where you can download them all at once, as opposed to the painstaking process of visiting each artist's individual page to download an mp3 or two. There is, however, a new Retribution Gospel Choir song, a new Album Leaf song and a sorta new Beach House song. And if you don't have it yet, you definitely need that AFCGT track. It's fuzzed-out psychedelia at its best. I know, I know, it's ten minutes long and thanks to YouTube and blogs like this one, your attention span has been reduced to that of a chipmunk. That's why it'll be good for you.

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