Spoon + Deerhunter and Micachu Play The Moore On April 9 and 10 (Plus a Note About Transference)

Autumn De Wilde
Spoon playes The Moore with Deerhunter and Micachu on April 9 and 10. Tickets are on sale Friday, via Tickets.com.
I'm starting to regret not making one of those end-of-the-decade lists like everyone else. The Internet needs another list about as much as we need another Creed album, but I'd like to look back in reference one day. And I enjoyed a few lists (Rachel Ratner's inclusion of Elliott Smith's XO is a highlight), but I was disappointed not to see Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga make many (any?) end-of-the-decade lists. It would easily have made mine. Which may have something to do with why I'm having a had time with the new record, Transference (Jan. 19, via Merge).

The genius of Ga Ga Ga, to me, was Brit Daniels' ability to tie together the singles -- not standout tracks, but radio-ready sticks of pop -- in ways that compliments the tracks they are in service of. Brian Wilson did this better than anyone. Jim Noir does a fine job as well. And on Ga Ga Ga, Daniels pieces together the records like he's tinkering with an intention until, boom!, the room explodes with "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb."

I'm not getting those moments with Transference. It's full of tinkering. And I keep wanting to believe that there's going to be something around the corner. But so far it's been all anticipation and no resolution. Transference is not materializing the way Ga Ga Ga did. I guess that's what you call a disappoint. But, hey, good records get better.

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