Seattle People: Diana Digs Wilco, Bowie, and Can Tell You About at Least Four Backstreet Boys Concerts

Jenny Jimenez
Watch this week's Seattle People slideshow featuring the faces of Upper Queen Anne.
Every week, photographer and conversationalist Jenny Jimenez ventures out into the city and brings back photos and notes about the folks she encounters. This week she found Diana at Tea Pot on upper Queen Anne.

Questions by Jenny Jimenez:

What's your favorite kind of music?

I really like Indie, mellow type stuff like M. Ward. Wilco is one of my favorites. I also like the Cold War Kids. I saw them play at the Showbox at the Market a little while ago and they were really good.

What was the last show you went to?

Mute Math, also at the Showbox at the Market.

What was your first show?

Um, a little embarrassing but it was actually the Backstreet Boys at the Key Arena.  I saw them four times.

What were you listening to in high school? 

A lot of Third Eye Blind and then I started getting into the Clash and the Ramones.

What would you say your favorite album was?

So hard to say; probably a toss up between David Bowie's Changes or any one of Wilco's albums.

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