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Jini Dellaccio
This photo--and many more--of Neil Young are part of EMP's "Taking Aim: Unforgettable Rock 'n' Roll Photographs", opening February 6.
I was stomping around over at EMP headquarters (note: not EMP, if you can dig) this afternoon, got really close to a gold record for the Woodstock album, smelled their woodshop (yes, they do rock, sci-fi, and woodworking), and chatted up curator Jasen Emmons about "Taking Aim," the exhibit he's been working on with guest curator Graham Nash.

One of the many photos of Neil Young, featured in the show, was taken by Seattle's own Jini Dellaccio (now 92!!!). Here's what Graham has to about the photo in the show's audio tour:

"I've been seeing images of my friend Neil Young for many years, of course. This one by Jini Dellaccio is really interesting. It's a very early shot of Neil, I think about 1967, but already you can tell, this is a very strange man."

Dellacio's not the only local shooter in the show. Alice Wheeler and Charles Peterson, for a start, get their propers as well.

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