This Week's Issue: Joseph Arthur Talks Death, Carlile Talks Self-Defense, Behemoth Talks Masturbation

It's a Wednesday, which means we've got another paper on the streets, and another batch of stories online over here for your perusal.

-- Starting at the top of the issue, we've got "Grave Singer," Hannah Levin's story on Joseph Arthur, who's playing The Triple Door on Friday and Saturday Night.

-- Also on page 1 is our conversation with Brandi Carlile about her self-defense campaign, Fight the Fear, which you've already read on Reverb.

-- Saby Reyes-Kulkarni chimes in with another uplifting piece on Behemoth called "Sweat, Blood, Sperm." Behemoth playes El Corazon on Tuesday night.

-- For her Rocket Queen column this week, Levin worked overtime, checking out an underground hard-edged show in Belltown, stopping by Shabazz Palaces at Neumos, and getting re-inspired by the School of Rock gig at The Crocodile.

-- And in The Short List, Sara Brickner pulls together a list of this week's notable shows, from Jaguar Love (Friday at Vera) to Al Kooper (Triple Door, Tuesday).

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