I Really Wish I Could Go to the Dave Matthews Band's Annual Residency at The Gorge (Despite Ben Harper)

The Dave Matthews Band plays The Gorge over Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 3 to 5. Fan club ticket sales begin Thursday. Everyone else can start pecking on Feb. 8.
The inevitable was announced this morning: The Dave Matthews Band is taking over the Gorge for Labor Day Weekend for what seems like the 100th year in a row. As always, we're getting the short end of the opening act stick, stuck with Ben Harper and Relentless7, while the far superior Raphael Saadiq leaves the tour just days before.

I was telling a friend just last week that I wish the band's Gorge gigs would fall on a weekend that wasn't already full with Bumbershoot. I'm not a huge Dave Matthews fan. But I've seen the band play The Gorge enough times to know that there are worse ways to spend a long weekend.

The crowd's not nearly as insufferable as they're made out to be (most of the time), the music's far more interesting than it gets credit for (usually), and spending three nights at the Gorge with a bunch of Red Stripe and nothing else to do but wander down to the show when it starts getting dark sounds like a hell of a way to pass the time. There just aren't many weekends like that at The Gorge anymore.

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