Former Beulah Frontman Miles Kurosky's Back With A Solo Debut

Andrew Forgash
Though the most famous band associated with the Elephant Six collective is undoubtedly Neutral Milk Hotel, I've always had a special place in my heart for Beulah. No matter how black a mood I'm in, Beulah's buoyant little ditties always manage to cheer me up. Unfortunately, in the six years since Beulah disbanded, severe shoulder problems followed by severe kidney problems (oy) prevented Miles Kurosky from actively putting out new music until now. Thankfully, that unpleasantness seems to be behind him, and so on January 12, he'll be releasing a three-song EP in advance of his first full-length solo album, The Desert of Shallow Effects, which comes out March 9 (both on Majordomo Records). Better yet, he'll be stopping by the Tractor Tavern April 10 to play his new tunes for us...and if we're really lucky, maybe he'll play some old Beulah jams. Me, I'm hoping for "Silver Lining."

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