Duff McKagan: I've Been Listening to The Binges, The Mentors, Orianthi, and Plenty of NAMM Chatter

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Every year, I participate in the NAMM convention in Anaheim, California. It is a meeting of music instrument and accessory manufacturers and all of the retailers that are looking for new product. My part in this is that over the years, I have worked with a few companies that basically supply me with my gear and in return, I will show my support at a public forum like NAMM.

If you are me, it is sometimes cool to be in a place where everyone knows where you are gonna be if only because new bands will do ANYTHING to get a guy like me a copy of their new CD. Well, I found a couple of gems this past weekend and here they are.

The Binges, "Motorcycle Song" (Self-Titled): These two tiny female Japanese imports came to California to ROCK! Check out this band only if you want to fuck some shit up!

The Mentors, "Peepin' Tom" (Get Up and Die): I met the new singer for the Mentors over the weekend, which brought up a chuckle of good times and sick thoughts (former lead singer El Duce was hit by a train and killed in 1997). This band is NOT for the faint of heart or for those who can't take a joke.

Orianthi, "According To You" (Believe): This little girl played at the NAMM Convention on Saturday and I must say I was quite impressed. Shredding guitarist singing pop songs. Different!

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